Blind Salvation: Damien



Damien once again found himself buried to the hilt between the legs of another superficial, and mind numbingly boring female. How many did he bang this month? 19? And what was her name again? Last night it was a brunette with the perky breasts and the nonstop chatter, and tonight a curvy red head with the killer legs. She moaned as he pushed her legs forward, ankles above her head and continued to pummel her insides until she cried out, bearing full length fangs and sunk those pearly whites deep into his shoulder, sending an orgasmic shockwave through his body and forcing him to pour himself into her. As a reflex, he returned the bite, deep into that dainty little jugular of hers and took back what he unwillingly gave and when all was said and done, he rolled off of her quickly and made his way into the shower to wash away tonight’s memory.

The female lazily lolled about under the sheets, hoping for another round and after Damien had finished showering, he anxiously disappointed her when he reappeared in her bedroom fully clothed and a disinterested glance. She sighed. She knew what time it was when it came to Prince Damien of the Draco Line. Here he was with a destiny as great as the stars that graced the night sky; killer looks, and sexual stamina that could match the gods and yet he still found no female worthy of his affections. She had hoped like so many other females of the aristocracy that she could be the one, and maybe just maybe if she offered her body, he would offer his heart. Unfortunately for her, she knew that she was just like the hundreds of other females that whoever female he chose would have to be a little more than just pretty to seal her fate with his.

“So, that’s it? You’re just going to leave without as much as –“

”-A what? A thank you? A gift card?” Damien said without remorse as he searched for his keys. The female said nothing more as she watched him slip his feet into his black Steve Madden’s. “

You don’t have to be so damn rude Damien,” she snapped, covering herself in her white sheets.

“I just wanted to make sure that there was no misunderstanding about where this night would lead,” he said nonchalantly.

“I don’t deserve to be treated like this,” she hissed. And that is when Damien noticed that the female was remarkably beautiful, with her long red hair and dazzling green eyes. His father would have definitely approved. But still, he was not interested.

“You don’t act like it. Females of the aristocracy always act as if they are so above everyone else; that you are the cream of the fucking crop when it comes to beauty, brains, and morality and half of you are so far past your maidenhood you would have to take a survey just to figure out how many partners you have had and I should know because I have lain with most of you.”

She gasped, while fighting back tears of anger. How dare he?

“Get out!” She demanded. He chuckled as he grabbed his keys from her mahogany coffee table.

“With pleasure Denise,” he said playfully as he headed for the door.

“It’s Layla!” She shrieked.

But her outcry fell on deaf ears. Damien was already climbing into the drivers’ seat of his BMW. One down, and one more to go. Denise or Layla, whoever she was didn’t satiate him the way he needed to be sated. He still felt just as empty as he did when he entered her family’s five bedroom mini mansion. As a matter of fact, he had been dealing with his feelings of emptiness for months now and wondered if he would ever have a moment of feeling complete.

Whether the female was human or vampire, it all the same: they wanted something from him. His body. His money. His throne. Yet, they all tried to cover it up with the same old tired lie: “All I want is your heart Damien.” He scoffed as he sped down the freeway overpass to the next female’s abode. She was some dark haired beauty that he met two weeks ago at one of his parent’s glamorous shindigs and he hoped that after he was through with her, he could shake the restlessness that had him feeling tightly wired like a spring otherwise he had no idea how he was going to go on. This was his life: fuck, feed, and fuck some more. Their veins will do come tomorrow, he needed human blood to take the edge off: preferably female. He could fuck her and then take the edge off by draining her dry.

But first things first: the dark haired beauty. Sometimes it truly sucked being the future king.

***Blind Salvation is now available for preorder and is scheduled for release November 23, 2015****Version*=1&*entries*=0


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