Sample Chapter.

There was nothing like having his powers once again in his possession and at his command. As he sped through the atmosphere like a meteor on a mission, he blazed through the night sky plunging deep beneath the earth’s surface, opening a portal into the lower realms. Hell had recognized that the Reaper of all Reapers had returned to his full glory, and he could sense the tremors of the souls of the damned and the thousands of entities that occupied the cursed place as they realized he had returned. With his mind, he opened a secret gateway into a realm he had created specifically for the one soul who mattered most to him, and he quickly stepped inside and made sure to close the portal behind him.

He had created for her scenery mimicking that of what is found in the country of Ireland. He remembered her saying before she died that she had wanted to travel to Europe, with Ireland being at the top of the list, and so to honor her vision, he created for her a never ending landscape of lush green pastures that transitioned from a flat surface to a sloping hilltop. He made sure to filter in the sun’s natural light to give it the dreamy, early morning appearance with the bright pinks and oranges dancing about on the horizon in an abstract version of a dream world. And just beyond the hilltop, he built for her a one story home made from brick and stone. He wanted to build her a castle, but she insisted on something smaller and to his dismay he built her dream home and furnished it with everything he could imagine. He even made sure to create a small lake for her; however it broke his heart to not have the power to fill it with life. No birds could grace the sky, and no fish to fill the lake…everything was an illusion but it was the best that he could do considering what he put her through.

He could sense Sin’s distress, but he knew his daughter: she would fight until the very end. Asmodeus would die by his hand: he would rip his wings from his body, only to plunge the Scythe deep into his chest before his tore his head from his shoulders. The only thing keeping him partially sane is the fact that the Dominion could hold Asmodeus off until he arrived to unleash his wrath. Besides, from what he had picked up telepathically, the Dominion would assist her until he arrived. He needed to get the Seal first. As he inched closer to the home where Mina permanently resided, he could hear her voice filling the atmosphere with a soft melody. He could sense her anxiety and her worry for their daughter and he couldn’t blame her. He had done a piss poor job of raising her. In his grief over Mina’s demise, he had been less than nurturing or caring towards Sin’s emotional wellbeing. It was a wonder that she still developed into a semi reasonable person without the personality of a psychopath. The only thing he really taught her is how to survive, which may be the only thing that gets her through this.

He tried not to focus on the flooding memories of his time with Mina when she was alive, otherwise he would forget his purpose and remind Mina of the very special bond that they shared. He would return to her when all of this was over, and rededicate himself to her and maybe if he could prove that what they shared transcended the physical, she would be granted a second chance…stranger things have happened and even entities such as himself required a little bit of hope just to get through each day.

She must have sensed him coming because she came outside looking every bit as lovely as she always did. She wore a white, fitted robe with her hair swept up high above her head and her hazel eyes gazing at him expectantly. He hurried over to her, and without a word, took her into his arms for a long embrace. She was the first to let go and when she took a step back from him, his heart sank.

“What is going on Grim? Why would Sin send me your Scythe and a box with the Seal of the Apocalypse? And where have you been? I could sense your thoughts and when you didn’t manifest-“

“A lot has taken place my love, and I am afraid time does not allow me room to explain,” he replied sadly.

“Grim I have watched from afar in this beautiful haven of a prison as our daughter suffered at the hands of your duties as the Grim Reaper and because of your wishes I sat idly by and watched her struggle to live up to your legacy and-“

“Mina, I did what I thought was best. She could not be raised in the human world because she is too different. At some point when her powers started to develop the humans would have either worshiped her or killed her or she would have killed somebody. I know I haven’t always been the best parent, but Hell is no place for the weak. I cannot be in several places at once and my warriors, along with the rest of the terrors that take place would have eaten her alive!”


“And I could not allow her to see you much because it hurt her when she did…a part of her hates me for what happened to you.”

Mina’s eyes filled with tears at the memory of what took place. Just hours after giving birth to Sin, a demon posed as a nurse injected her with a toxin that human doctors had yet to identify, and before Grim could do anything to save her, she died with Sin still in her arms. Grim found out the moment he sensed her death and instead of allowing her to be taken by his men to be tortured for an eternity for simply loving him, he brought her to this safe haven where she has remained ever since.

She gently touched his face, and he relished the calming sensation of her touch. She had always been good at that: calming his inner storm.

“Grim…the Seal is next to the Scythe in the master bedroom of the house. When all of this is over, come see me and we shall talk then. And bring Sin too…I need to see her…”

Grim gently placed a kiss in the center of her palm and then once more on her lips before he dematerialized into the house and retrieved his Scythe and the Seal. He tucked the Seal underneath his arm, and turned around to see Mina standing in the doorway looking at him adoringly. Throughout everything, she still loved him and that was the strength he needed to survive.

“I will return to you Mina with Sin. Stay here.”

“Where else am I going to go?” Mina chuckled.

“Right. And one more thing…”

“What is that Grim?”

“I love you Mina…”

“I love you too Grim. Now go save our daughter.”

Grim nodded and then disappeared, leaving Mina alone a world that belonged to only her and Grim. She took a seat on the bed Grim had built with his bare hands from the finest of Oak wood, with cushions stuffed with the finest of goose down and blanketed with the softest of silk, and wept.

******Coming September 1, 2015


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