So today is the day I am inviting you (yes you, the reader) to join me in a month long series commemorating Bad Ass Chicks in fiction. And not just the lead females that us readers like to enjoy in our favorite books, but in movies, television, comics and I will take it one step further my including the Bad Ass Chicks found in mythology. I mean, I know you cannot tell me that there is nothing absolutely bad ass about Athena or even Isis for that matter.

Why am I doing this? Well, tomorrow I will unleash into the world my third book entitled Viper, and my main character is one baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad chick. First of all, she is an assassin and you can’t get any better than an assassin can you? Wait, yes you can because she is also a vampire. Doesn’t sound too original does it? Well let me break down her story line just a tad bit: 20 years ago, her family-her perfectly normal perfectly suburban family was killed by a powerful record exec by the name of Lucas Barnes. Not only did he murder them in cold blood, he made her watch as he raped her mother and then not long after that, he ordered for her 12 year old sister to be executed.

Still not interesting enough?

Well, as a parting gift to Viper, he turns her into a vampire and then leaves her to fend for herself which turned out to be a bad move on his part. A few months later, a big time street hustler by the name of Rio takes her off the streets and gives her a job, and yes you guessed it, she becomes his hired assassin, but only upon the promise of Rio’s help in aiding her in her quest to put an end to Lucas Barnes. But it gets better…

Fast forward 20 years to the present day, he calls her in for a special mission and that is to act as a personal and temporary guard for his new artist, the fallen rap star of Lucas Barnes’ record label and younger brother of the notorious mogul, Kevin Barnes. Here is how the shit gets real (and yes I curse…a lot…): Viper uncovers some hard truths that eventually link Rio in a twisted game that has plagued her entire existence. Not only has Rio played her, but her family had been under Lucas’ influence for generations…and it involves something as complicated as genetics. Of course you can’t have a heroine without some help from some trusted friends-well, individuals who owe you a favor, and as the storyline unfolds…well, Viper learns that things are not always what they seem. Something is awakened within her, but will it be enough to put an end to the very entity that destroyed her life?

Now that is all I can tell you. You have to read it.
But what makes Viper a Bad Ass Chick? Other than the fact that she is willing to go extreme lengths to avenge her family, she is intelligent, resourceful, witty…independent, daring, impulsive, strong, cunning, and overall just bad ass. I love saying that: bad ass. Anyways, July 1st is the day I kick off the blog series. Each week, I will highlight a character (and her author if there is one) to recognize the power of the female spirit. If you are an author of a book or series with a character that is truly bad ass, email me at and please do so by the 10th  of July. If you are a reader interested in something new to read then check me out J. Viper will be available for your Kindle as well as a paperback. I look forward to your respomses. This is going to be fun.


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