Attention all authors of superhero females:

Throughout the month of July I will be posting blogs dedicated to Bad Ass Chicks of fiction. And that includes all mediums: movies, books, comics, you name it…myths and legends. My book Viper is based around the life of a vampire turned assassin seeking revenge on the man responsible for the life of blood shed and pain she was given, and in celebrating her release I wanted to include other authors interested in joining the fun. So, if your wrote a book and your main character is female, and it does not matter if she is human, werewolf, faery, queen, mermaid, alien…as long as she is fearless, headstrong, loyal, and possesses all of the qualities of a leader please email me at with the name of the work, a jpeg of your character, an interview with her (or maybe I can conduct the interview but it depends on the response to this blog), any links to your sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc…) and whatever else you want to include in this blog please do so. I will post the blog here on Word Press as well as my personal site, and everywhere else I can think of. So email me at the address provided. The deadline is July 10th.


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