What Happened to Your Imagination?

I have come to the conclusion that this new generation of writers from television and film writers to the run of the mill novelist, are disappointingly non-creative. Within the last decade television shows have decreased in quality, there has been an increase in rebooting classic television shows such as Wonder Woman, Hawaii 5-0 and the like; Classic movies such as Indiana Jones… You know what I am talking about. Authors plagerizing other authors or even simply using another author’s idea that had proved to be successful and then tweaking it to make it appear original…. What happened to taking risks and developing new stories, new concepts, new characters instead of taking an old and very used idea and totally destroying its original plot by killing off main characters or creating new unnecessary characters? What happened to the thrill of imagining something that is authentic to you as the creator and giving that character life? What happened to stepping outside of the box and trusting ones own abilities rather than relying on the success of someone else to determine your own? Has it all really been done and the only thing to do is redo it? *shrugs shoulders* 

Writers should not write if they cannot create; if they are not imaginative; if they are afraid to trust themselves; and if they’re talents rests only in the potential dollar amount. I like to read new things. Shock me. Amaze me. Teach me. Persuade me. Hell, seduce me.  Make me beg for more. 

So to all the writers out there whose imagination is lacking, maybe the craft just is not for you and that is ok. But stop biting off of what other people have done, even creating a new version of something isn’t totally authentic because there is always the original to go back to. Reboots are ok to an extent but now there are far too many to keep track of. 

And this is my rant for the day. My story Viper is just about complete so stay tuned…


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