I only have one rule: don’t touch me.

There is only one man I have and will ever listen to, and that is my boss Rio. And for the record, he is only my boss because I allow him to be. He promised me he would help me get revenge on the CEO and founder of Drug Money Records/mob boss Lucas Barnes, in exchange for my services as his body guard and hired assassin. I have no problems with death. As a matter of fact I thrive in it: it is in that cloud of darkness that I find myself at my best. I have not only tasted death, I have devoured it, bathed in it and now I am one with it. I am the Grim Reaper.

Once I have accomplished my mission of watching Lucas choke on his own innards after impaling him on a nine foot stake surrounded by my infamous pitt vipers, I am exiting stage left of this cursed life that was forced upon me 20 years ago, and maybe, God will have mercy on me and grant me the peace that I desperately need and deserve. Lucas Barnes is my end game.

They call me Viper, but in the shadows I am recognized as the Pitt Assassin for reasons that you will come to understand in due time. I am a goddamn myth in these streets. I am the reasons why hustlers and gangsters alike fear the silence of the dead of the night, why the slightest bristle in the wind forces them to shoot their own body guards in a nervous panic. I hunt them just like they hunt those that they prey on: the weak and the desperate. I do what I will with them and then I feed them to my pet vipers.

I hate what I do, the reasons why I do what I do; I hate what I am and most importantly, I hate the man who did this to me. So let me reintroduce myself to you: They call me Viper. I am an assassin. And I am a vampire. My maker: Lucas Barnes. My mission: kill Lucas and everyone he has ties with and put an end to a tragic story that should have ended 20 years ago.

He raped my mother.

He killed my father.

He killed my sister.

He killed my mother.

He made me watch.

And then he turned me into a monster.

If it is a monster he wants, then it is a monster he gets. And whatever you do, don’t get in my way.

For more excerpts please check out my website at: http://septembershope.wix.com/author-delizhia


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