Chapter 1

Kitara ran her hands through her thick locks as she struggled to work the laptop Naomi had bought for her. It was strange this world, though she had never physically left it.  It was supposed to be a mental thing. Just a few days of nothing; not using her powers; no sword; no communication with her sisters. Not 500 years. How did she manage to roam every corner of the earth, and not acclimate herself to the ever changing times? She was a stranger still in old lands like she was in Nubia. Her sisters had managed to do it; and they did it well, except…Sage was going to have to explain what “twerking” meant, even though she somewhat got the gist of it. She pushed the control key on the laptop. Nothing. Why did anyone need to “surf the web” when there was so much more to do? Syrene was still trapped in the Osirian realms. It had been over a month since the showdown in Bermuda. Isis was dead, after several millennia it finally came to an end. Osiris had risen, and Kalima was out there somewhere plotting her revenge and then soon, Lilith would have to be addressed. Kitara had never had a run in with the she-demon considering there were other entities out there much more problematic to contend with. But, now that the dust had settled, Lilith had proved to be a bigger problem than she had initially thought.

Kitara gently folded the black HP and placed it on the mahogany coffee table and lolled back into the love seat.  It was early in the day, 11 a.m. to be exact and she was alone. Again. Everyone else had lives outside of that of a Destroyer. Sage was back in Los Angeles doing some private detective work for one of her clients; something about a strange death. Celeste said she needed a break from everyone for a little while and took off to Mexico to perhaps unwind at one of the many sandy beaches to escape the mental drain that came with being a Destroyer. On top of that, Kitara had to assume that part of it was due to unresolved issues with Naomi. And, speaking of Naomi, she thought that no one would figure out that she was secretly visiting Jose periodically. Kitara shook her head at the thought. It was none of her business but then again, yes it was. That poor boy had been through enough: he had barely escaped Isis’ grips with his life intact. He was finally free of the spiritual bondage that he and his family had suffered from for generations. He was free: free to live his life to the fullest and just…live. Naomi was going to do nothing more than endanger his life once again just because of who and what she was. Kitara understood that it was his choice and it was not like he didn’t know what she was and what he would face by being with her. But, Naomi should be more responsible. She knew and understood the risks firsthand and it would not be fair to purposely put this young man’s life at risk just to satisfy the longings of the heart. Still, it’s their lives. They have the right to do and say and whatever they please and Kitara had her own issues to concern herself with.

Feeling slightly agitated and restless she got up and made her way to the fridge for another bite of those snack wings Naomi introduced her to. There were still quite a bit of leftovers from last night and Kitara found herself addicted. Lemon pepper and honey barbeque were now her favorite-with some ranch dressing of course. Is this where life would lead her to? A modern contraption that froze large amounts of food just for her to eat away her problems? No wonder people of today were so…obese. The decadence and the availability of a surplus of fattening foods that exploded in one’s mouth with so much… flavor.  She grabbed a wing out of the oversized box that held over 30 something wings and drumsticks, biscuits and the like and took a big bite. There was no need in her using the microwave; she had spent centuries eating unheated food so this was nothing to her. It was still juicy, flavorful and…delicious! She grabbed another one and another one and shamelessly stood in the kitchen gobbling down wing after wing when she heard the soft pattering of footsteps. Tossing the remains of her last piece of chicken in the Hefty bag that was tied to the one of the long cabinet doors, Kitara turned to face the one person she could always turn to for support. Oblivion stood in her true  angelic form; standing at almost ten feet tall, her waist length hair a platinum white; silver irises illuminating a brilliant light. It was strange seeing her like this; her normal earthly form was a sword, and one that Kitara kept closely guarded at her hip unless it was summoned back to the last Atlantean pyramid or back to the heavens for safe keeping. And the first time that Kitara witnessed her in her true form, Oblivion’s light burned almost as brightly as the sun; so much so that at the time Kitara almost had to shield her eyes. But now, the only light that shown was through her irises. Oblivion had managed to maintain a healthy peachy skin tone. She looked almost completely human. “Did I wake you Oblivion?” Kitara asked with concern. “No,” her voice was still as soft as an echo in the wind. “I awoke on my own. I feel as if I have slumbered for much too long. It has been an adjustment being in this form. I didn’t know how important sleep was for mortals…” “I think the density of the earth plane is taking a toll on you dear friend. Michael and Zedkiel said you would adjust soon enough.”  Oblivion sighed. “I know…” Oblivion focused her gaze on the Hefty bag that had splashes of barbeque sauce around its edges and chuckled. “I see you have been indulging your senses again.” Kitara glanced over at the bag and smiled slightly. “Uh, yes. I have enjoyed those snack wings entirely too much. If I keep on I will be as big as a house!” Oblivion laughs heartily and takes a seat on the section in front of the television. “They leave us alone to fend for ourselves like toddlers,” Oblivion sighs. “They do,” Kitara agreed as she takes a seat across from her on the love seat. “What ails you Oblivion. Share your wounds with me as I with you. Let me help you at least this once.” Oblivion hesitated before answering. She did not want to burden Kitara with her troubles. She was sent to be of help to the Destroyer and not the other way around. However, what they shared transcended friendship; they were spiritually tied to one another like the stars to the universe. The universe in all its magnificence and wonder would be silent and dark without the twinkle and dance of the multitudes of stars and that was their relationship. They needed each other. “Kitara, my purpose has changed as did yours. I myself am a weapon, and the first and last of my kind. Instead of aiding you in your battles as a sword, Michael said I am to fight by your side now. I feel…concerned that my lack of skill may jeopardize future battles. I don’t believe that I can live up to the expectations that my brothers in Heaven seem to have for me. I am so ashamed!” Silver tears began to streak down her creamy smooth face as she buried her face in her hands. Her white wings slowly unfolded as she covered herself in her own feathery down. Kitara got up and was by her side in an instant, embracing the angel and sharing her pain. “You know that I know what it is like to doubt one’s own abilities,” Kitara said softly. “You know that I have questioned my purpose and the reasons for my seemingly endless existence. But a warrior is not always fighting technique and skill…most of the time the warrior is from within. And, you have to trust that God did not create you to be a burden and there was a reason you were secreted away in the heavens; not because you are weak but because you are a force. The Darkness fears you. Why do you think your name is Oblivion? You just don’t have the ability to destroy gods; you were created to destroy something stronger than that. I think that right now Michael just wanted you to have time to adjust to living on earth in a human form.” Kitara continued to stroke Oblivion’s back with hopes of sending comfort into the wounded soul of this ethereal being. “Things have changed…for the Almighty to send you down here so close to the Armageddon it must mean that something great is at stake.” “That is why I love you dearest friend,” Oblivion sniffled while wiping her tearstained face and slowly unwrapping herself from the soft feathery embrace of her magnificent wings. “Not only are you courageous but your heart is pure and kind. And I agree, something has changed and I should not allow such frivolous thoughts make stronghold in my thoughts. Surely all will be revealed and our purposes defined. I should stop doubting myself. Our Father never leaves us ill equipped when we have a destiny to fulfill.” “No, He does not,” Kitara agreed. They shared a smile. It was during moments like this that solidified their bond. Oblivion may have been a Destroyer angel, but to Kitara, she was her Guardian Angel.


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