Heart of a Soldier

It takes a real man to love a woman entirely. A real man is unafraid of loving a woman’s soul. He is able to see into the depths of her heart and embark on the journey that leads directly to that sacred diamond heavily guarded by her spirit. Most men run, fearing the worst and it is when a woman shows you her worse when a man is granted entry into the domain that she protects the most: her heart. Most men are distracted by outward appearances; sometimes she does it intentionally, and sometimes, she does it because she is unaware that there is so much more to her than her looks, or what she can do in the bedroom. Soldiers are warriors. They tread where others fear to go; they push through any obstacle and fight until they draw their last breath…

I need a soldier…

The love of a woman carries the intensity of the relentless and all consuming heat of the sun. It will burn at first contact, but the nurturing warmth that it offers provides so much more than what is appreciated: it heals, it warms, it nurtures, and most importantly, it chases away the darkness. A man left alone in the dark, just like a plant will never grow to his fullest potential. He will never know the beauty of the day, until he meets the sun. A soldier confronts his darkness, and seeks refuge in the light.

I want a soldier….

Real men love without fear…they love without hesitation…without demand…they love…

If you love her, love her with the heart of a soldier.


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