Redemption: New Storyline Following Blind Salvation


Luther awoke to the blurry vision of the chamber of a gun pointed millimeters away from his face. The last thing he remembered was the cave of Kinatara collapsing around him after he was zapped by a werewolf before he jettisoned himself to where he is now: on the couch. The woman that glared at him with her gun pointed directly in his face made it clear that he was an unwelcomed guest in her home and one wrong move would be the end of his life. As his vision cleared, he waited for her to speak but she said nothing. She just gave him a hard stare, her perfectly arched eyebrows burrowed in a deep frown, lines perhaps from stress and countless  nights of lack of sleep became more defined when she all but snarled at him for blinking. I am going to have to change that, he thought before quickly changing his mind on that lustful thought. She was a human and whatever female that he allowed into his heart would be of Fae origins, even though at the rate his life was falling apart the latter may never happen. But still. He needed to get out of her cramped and horribly decorated place before he lost his mind.

“Are you actually going to shoot me or are you just going to continue to pretend that you are,” he finally sighed.  She lowered the gun just below his eye level and growled, “So you speak more than just two barely audible words. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a man who popped out of thin air into my living room and onto my couch.”  He almost laughed. “Put the gun away so that I may be on my way. I promise I will disturb you no further than what I already have.”  He nonchalantly pushed the gun away from his face and quickly sat up, the comforter that she used to cover him as he slept came tumbling off as he stood to his full 6’8” height. She took a few steps back, alerting him to the fact that he had overwhelmed her with his height.

He eyed her carefully, the way any man would appreciate the vision of an attractive woman, and the woman that stood before him made him…remember things he thought he had long forgotten. It was definitely time for him to depart.  “So you’re just going to pop in my house like a rabbit out of a hat and then leave? Don’t you think I deserve some sort of explanation?” She demanded as she marched right up to him and even going as far as to poke him in the ribs with her index finger. He glared at her but then once again found himself slightly amused by her response. “None of what you witnessed concerns you woman,” he stated firmly as if he were addressing one of his soldiers. “Uh yes the hell it does! And besides, how far do you think you are gonna go barefooted?” She pressed, jabbing him again with her index finger and increasing his already high level of irritation even higher. He gently grabbed both of her hands and held them in place. He fought the urge to caress the smooth texture of her dark and delicately supple skin, and when she  gasped in shock at his sudden move, he wanted to hear more of it as he pleasured her with his body. “I can get pretty far in the nude if I have to,” he said again surprising her. “So don’t you worry about that.” He released her and then walked passed her to the door, unlocked it and said nothing more before he was gone. He heard the fast pace of her footsteps behind him when in a quick wave of his palms, he opened The Veil and disappeared through it, landing right in the center of his secluded penthouse.

And strangely enough, just as quickly as he left the demanding woman in her apartment, he longed to return and fall slave to every last one of her demands.


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