Kitara could feel the energy from Atlantis burning through her veins as she allowed its power to fully engulf her. She was one with the pyramid now, and even as Isis sent out blasts of dark magic from her palms none of it could touch her. It was not long before Isis realized that she had no other alternative. Her plan had failed. Thousands of years of planning, scheming, and killing and it all had went down the drain. But, one thing was for sure even if tonight she and her husband could not harness the powers of the lost city of Atlantis, she was sure as shit going to get her husband back. She could feel the Osirian realms slowly opening up and it was a matter of time before the world was reintroduced to the greatest god ever created. And, Isis couldn’t wait to see Kitara’s face when Osiris came walking out of that hell hole that Naomi sent him to looking as grand as ever. And the best part of it was that even without Atlantis, the two of them together would be unstoppable.

Kitara’s natural golden stare became solid silver as the rest of her body began to illuminate that same glow. Unsheathing Oblivion from her casing she pointed the angelic sword to the sky and sent out an electric blue current that not only lit up the midnight sky with a silvery blue but sent a sonic blast that for a split second caused all of the fighting to cease. Sage gazed into the distance where Kitara  hovered over the ocean  , her thick locks sizzling and crackling with electric blue white light and her sword pointed straight into the sky, appearing to be temporarily frozen in time. And then it happened: Millions of glowing white orbs poured out from the heavens and  instantly began to take form as robed men with swords and gigantic wing spans . Angels of the warrior class had come to join them  in their fight. They scattered across the sky and spread out beyond the far reaches of the horizon. Isis had opened up hell portals with her spell all across the globe, and now evil entities and spirits of the damned are creeping through and wreaking havoc on innocent people. Dark forces are now converging, and as Sage continued to look on in amazement, she could feel the dark, shadowy presence of not one but several ancient entities rising. Isis may have thought that she was resurrecting her husband, but Sage was willing to bet that whatever else was coming, Isis surely did not bank on that being a part of the package deal.  Sage could only hope that was what the warrior angels were after; well that and everything that was coming out of the lower gates of hell.

With the power of Atlantis now fully activated inside of her archenemy there was nothing for Isis to do but flee, as she had always done. She needed just a little more time before she and her true love could be reunited, but something was off. His dimensions had opened up but he still had not manifested yet…and then it hit her: The body!  How the hell could she have missed the most important part of the ceremony? Time, she needed more time.  But it was too late to focus too much more on that because Kitara now charged at her like a missile and plunged into her, sending both of them into a free fall into the depths of the Pacific. Their collision created a tidal wave of monolithic proportions, and  just as Sage thought she was going to be swept away she was pulled through the spiritual veil by Celeste and then pushed out a second  later just as the gigantic wave crashed down and swept away several islands of the Bahamas.

Kitara could hear the cries of drowning innocents even as she and Isis were submerged hundreds of feet beneath the earth surface. She remembered being told by Zedkiel that the animals would respond to her command so she sent out a mental telegraph to every single pod of dolphin and orca and other forms of marine life in the neighboring areas to come and help. Isis began swimming as fast she could towards the surface, while at the same time summoning up her powers and cursed the ocean, causing the water to turn to blood. “NOOOOOO!” Kitara screamed as she could feel the sea life begin to choke and suffocate and struggle to breathe that now toxic waters. Disgusted and infuriated, Kitara spread out her hands and sent a wave of pure white light into the waters, returning it to its natural, watery blue , removing the curse, just before the sea life was permanently destroyed. She could hear the whimsical calls of dolphins and orcas closing in in response to her SOS. Go!! Help the humans, she told them as she jettisoned herself out of the water.

Isis had made it to the top steps of the pyramid. She knew there was a way inside, Osiris had told her. She still needed to retrieve his body, but she had at least four hours before daybreak. But, she needed to create a distraction  to keep Kitara busy while she went to recover her fallen husband’s body, and the best way to do that was to free whatever was inside the pyramid.  Moving quickly, she removed the amulet that she wore around her neck and placed it on top of one of the many Egyptian ankh symbols that decorated the surface of the door.  The amulet turned a bright violet color and she could hear the clicking sounds of the door unlocking itself.

Kitara, not wanting to be deterred knew that this was the last opportunity to stop Isis from accomplishing whatever it was she was now up to and  using her kinetic abilities sent a ball of white hot energy straight into Isis’ back knocking her off the steps. Isis tumbled, and  rolled, and thrashed and crashed until she bounced off the last step like a hard rock before landing again with a hard thud. Kitara took a flying leap onto the top step of the pyramid and unsheathed Oblivion once again. As Isis struggled to regain her bearings , she clumsily threw a dark energy blast that missed Kitara and chipped off some of the building structure of the pyramid.  Disoriented but nonetheless enraged the goddess summoned all of her strength and energy and out of the nothingness she constructed her own sword that closely resembled Oblivion, from the black charged energy and went racing up the steps to fully engage the waiting Kitara. Blade met blade, causing thunderous sounds of metal meeting metal. Kitara swung Oblivion hard while at the same time landing a round house kick to Isis’ abdomen. Isis’ doubled back and swung her blade, barely missing Kitara’s chest. “I will end you Destroyer!!”Isis seethed between clenched teeth. “I have been around longer than your pathetic lineage. I have witnessed the creations of kingdoms as well as built my own. I have control over the elements and I am the queen of magic and you think that you and your little sword is enough to defeat me?!!” Back flipping into a warriors’ stance, Kitara ignored the angry threat. All she needed was a split second opening…just one little flaw or distraction and this would be over. After a series of kicks, punches, and near misses Kitara finally got her chance when she kicked Isis’ blade clean out of her hands. Isis’ sensing that it was over for her proceeded to do what she did best: bargain. “I can give you your life back,” she began.  Kitara strengthened her grip on Oblivion’s handle and cautiously continued to advance towards her opponent. Beads of sweat dripped down her midnight skin, her eyes still glowing silver and narrowed in a tense gaze as the memories of her very beginnings with this she demon flooded her vision. “I can give you your life back,” she said. “Your mother Aisha and your brother Nayeem I kept safe…” “You may have built kingdoms,” Kitara began, her tone hard but barely audible. “But you were the cause of the fall of many. You may have ruled over an empire that was once noted as the greatest in human history, but you have damned countless souls…souls like my mother and brother…and you still challenge the one who sits on high by even attempting to claim something that is not rightfully yours…you hope to make a perversion of humanity just so that you and  that incestuous husband of yours can be eternally worshipped! No, you cannot give me back what you  have taken from  me you miserable, worthless bitch!!!!!” “NOOO! Please Kitar-“ Kitara plunged Oblivion deep into Isis’s chest cavity. Blue blood began to spew forth as Isis dropped to her knees. With her mouth agape in shock and disbelief, a single tear trickled down her left cheek. Kitara held Oblivion steady, not fully ready to release her, stared down at the entity whose shadow seemed to have loomed over her like a dark cloud for hundreds of years. It was finally over. The amulet that she wore, the same amulet that she used to trap her mother and brother’s spirits shattered, and Kitara could see not just her own family but hundreds of others ascending into the heavens where they belonged. Kitara’s mother, Aisha, drifted toward her as a spirit now. She radiated golden light like Zedkiel and gently touched her daughter’s face and gave a sad smile. “I am so proud of you my daughter,” she said softly. Kitara unsure of what to do, struggled to fight back tears as her mother glanced in Isis’ direction, frowned and then returned her loving gaze back to Kitara. “I love you mother,” Kitara whispered. “I love you too. I will see you on the other side of the light,” Aisha said as she gently kissed Kitara’s cheek and  continued with her ascent. Angels without wings had appeared and were guiding these spirits home with welcoming arms and loving smiles and one of them  turned and  gave Kitara a knowing smile. And in a flash, they were gone. Kitara pulled Oblivion out of Isis’ chest and watched  as the deity collapsed onto the floor in a heap. The remaining life in her still flickered in her eyes as she struggled to speak. “You and I have the same father,” she wheezed.  “He is through that door,” Isis continued  and  raised a trembling hand and pointed in the direction of the entrance to the pyramid. “Well, there won’t be any family reunions today,” Kitara added as she raised Oblivion high into the air before sending her crashing down on Isis’ neck beheading the goddess. As soon as the deity’s head was separated from her frame, her body lit up in blue white fire. The goddess’ spirit cried out as the flames consumed every inch of her until there was nothing left but her ring with her insignia on it. Kitara stared down at  what was left of Isis, not sure how to feel or what to do next. “You did it!” Oblivion shouted with joy. Kitara looked  at the angelic blade and shook her head. “No, WE did it.” Kitara  looked down at the ring and gently picked it up. “I think I will hold onto this for safe keeping. If this finds its way into the wrong hands, the world will most definitely have something to fear.” “Wise choice Kitara,” Oblivion beamed. “But there is still much to do. Osiris is waiting to be released. Naomi is on her way to his body, but she is not alone. And I have received word that Jose is alive and my brother, Raphael is guarding him in the spirit world. Reconvene with your sisters while I shall take refuge in my thoughts. There is a lot to discuss.” Kitara nodded and returned Oblivion to her casing. She sent out a mental telegraph and received an immediate response from Celeste and Sage, whom were located on the other side of the pyramid. Isis was gone and there was still much to do. This was only the beginning.

Lilith cackled with delight as she watched her arch nemesis completely obliterated by Kitara. So her sword was an angel, huh? Daddy-O would be very pleased to know that little tid bit of Intel. Lilith and her protégé had decided that it would have been conducive to their survival that they remain hidden, especially having witnessed  the warrior breeds come out. Fortunately, they were busy fighting demon emissaries and low level entities that simply had wanted to come out and play.  With Isis out of the way she can continue on with her steps in preparing the way for the Anti-Christ. Now she can find another suitor, and by the looks of it Osiris was now a widower…an available bachelor. If Durga could get to his body in time, Lilith had a few ticks in store for him. But if not, men came a dime a dozen and she still had enough time to prepare. She could now unleash her vampires, establish the NOW, the world was literally hers for the taking. And now that humanity was in a state of panick, it was time to implement plan B into action. She and Kitara would meet soon enough…and as for that Sage, what Anastasia had concocted was brilliant. Simply brilliant. Lilith really, really loved Puerto, Rico.

Naomi hated the desert. It reminded her of her mother’s side of the family and their way of life. Even though she was of royal blood, still the desert did not bring back good memories for her. As she bypassed the city areas of modern day Lebanon and into the deserted areas of scattered trees, rocks and sparse amounts of foliage, in this midday sun, this was no walk in the park. She knew exactly where the body had  been hidden, and even after a millennia, due to his godhood and  having not met Oblivion, his body was going to be in a well preserved state.  The only thing that she had to do was retrieve it, take it back to Kitara so she could finish him off and  then they could go on with their lives.

As she approached the encampment of what is believed to be a group of the world’s oldest living trees-having survived the flood-she could sense that something was off. Just beneath the roots of one of the 16 Sisters, Naomi picked up a vaguely familiar and quickly fading trail. It had the signature of someone very old. “Oh God no!” she muttered to herself. Underneath  the root of that tree is where both she and Kitara buried Osiris’ head and it was missing! She ran another twenty five feet away to another one of the 16 Sisters and the trunk of the tree that was supposed to have been sealed was completely torn open, and his body was missing too. “Shit!” she exclaimed. “Who the fuck else would have known about-“ Naomi stopped short instantly remembering who the culprit was…Kalima, The Dark Destroyer.  But how did she get free? Naomi thought to herself.  But, why now? There was no way to answer that question right at this moment. She needed to get back to the others. It was quite clear that Osiris’ body was gone which meant that he was sure as shit about to be resurrected.  She closed her eyes and hoped  like hell that Kitara was not in the middle of fighting Isis but she needed to know immediately. Kitara, this is urgent. Osiris’ body is gone…and I picked up a very familiar energy trail, one that you wouldn’t believe. It’s Kalima, she is free and its bad Kitara…really, really bad.  Naomi didn’t bother waiting for a reply. She simply casted open a shadow and proceeded to shadow walk back to the Bahamas. It was quick and easy and Kalima, wherever she was, was not about to follow behind her.

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