Together we could build an empire

Destroy the world

Kill It with fire

Make me the object of your desire and

I could take you to new heights

Take you higher and higher

But you gotta worship me

Make me your number one fantasy

And don’t believe the lies about me

Because half of these nobodies know a damn

thing about me

I’m old as destiny and all you gotta do is

Fulfill me and I will treat you like royalty

But believe me if you ever cross me

Think twice

I’m not from this world you see

I built my kingdom on the sands of time

Made a king a Pharaoh to rule a world that’s mine

Never forget who got this


I play to win I play for keeps

There is nobody better than me

Countless temples raised in my name

Even Osiris knows I’m a force when it comes to this game

There is no limit to the force I can bring

In the history books my name is equal to that of a King

From the Books of the Dead to the Temple’s Prayer

I grace the universe with only that Isis Flair

I’m a goddess; queen of life

Destroyer of the damned

I bring the light, the fire

You cannot fathom who I really am

I built Kingdoms on the sands of time

And I can take back the world

That has always been mine

Adore me you will be rewarded

With unlimited capabilities

Hell, you can even sit next to me

Fall from my grace

And I shall wipe out your entire line of mistakes

I can make the world your throne

If you worship me and me alone

The stars in heaven even sing my name

Remember I’m a goddess

Don’t you forgot who got this

Hashtag Isis

Nubia Rising: The AwakeningIsis and osirisimagesLN75GRZX


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