Love Will Remember

There is something about you that has made me question the boundaries of my sanity for months now. You have sparked quite the conundrum in my heart; somehow, you worked your way into the very chambers that I thought I had locked for someone else, found the key and let yourself right into the doorway of my soul. I told myself that it was nothing more than a crush that would go away at some point…quickly I had hoped. But then, I found myself daydreaming about your presence to the point of madness. Is it obsession? No. I do not claim you nor do I hope to claim you or mark you as my eternal territory. I wanted-no I want to set you free. I don’t want you to fall victim to my love; I want you to find yourself. Explore. Fall in love with someone else. Not me.

It is unsettling to remember the times when you were not the object of my affection; but even during those times, there were moments when I felt like I knew you. I knew you. One upon a time in another life I knew you. My soul recognized you in a different form from a different present. I may have marked you as mine from long ago, but in this present you do not belong to me. You can NOT belong to me. Perhaps in another life, under different circumstances we can reunite. If I didn’t forget you in the last meeting we shared I will not forget you in the next. I suppose that in this lifetime there are lessons that we did not learn in the past and we must face them now so when we meet again, we will be better equipped to deal with this eternal burn we have for each other.

The bass of your voice awakens me; renders me your servant. Only you can do that. Only you can call forth what I keep hidden from most with very little resistance. I told you once before that you know me. You may not have recognized my voice but your soul remembered. If I managed to love you past a lifetime then, I will love you past a thousand lifetimes from here on out. So, go. Please. And do not look back until we have breathed out last breaths in this lifetime. Live. Grow. Time separated us by a few years for a reason… and our purpose is not for each other but for someone else. I will see you soon in Forever.


“Love will remember you…and love will remember me. I know it inside my heart,
Forever will, forever be ours,
Even if we try to forget,
Love will remember”- Selena Gomez


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