Trenton could feel a dark presence moving about the shadows of the Osirian realms. Syrene was still unconscious and Durga was late. Really late. If he could pray, he was would have prayed that she wasn’t killed by one of those Destroyer pests and that Durga would wrap things up and come on. He could hear Syrene stirring behind him. Being who she was, he should have realized that the dark energy spell wasn’t going to hold her for long. And the ring in which he wore’s powers seemed to be waning. He knew he didn’t have much time. He could sense it. And then he heard a familiar voice. “Trenton!” Durga shrieked. “Where is Syrene? I have been waiting to sink my teeth into that bitch’s neck for centuries!” Trenton materialized out of the nothingness and stood in front of the she demon. “She is safely tucked away,” he replied. “Give me the ring,”Durga demanded. “And then what? You have told me nothing. Have the shields been dropped?” “I did my part!” Durga snapped. “But have the shield-“ Trenton’s calm voice was quickly interrupted when he heard the rumblings of a not so unfamiliar voice. Durga, aware of the presence, slowly began to back away from Trenton, as if anticipating an approaching nightmare. “You should have ran when you had the chance boy,” came the deep, husky sound of the approaching apparition. Trenton could feel his fading pulse quicken with fear, and for a second he was dizzy with adrenaline as he prepared to either take flight or put up a fight. The energy from the ring had all but gone and he wasn’t sure if he had enough power to effectively protect himself. Durga surely wasn’t going to waste energy protecting him, she had her own agenda. “Give me what does not belong to you,” said the voice coolly,” and I may allow you a quick and  merciful death, rather than a long and excruciatingly painful one” . Before Trenton could even think to react the ring dissipated from his finger, leaving the space on his finger as well as in the rest of his body feeling eerily empty. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Durga standing a few more feet away from him, her body tense as a spring, and based off of her strained expression he could tell that she was debating on whether or not she should dematerialize. The entity must have sensed her dilemma too because he made a tisking sound before he slowly began to manifest right before their eyes. Six foot seven of dense muscle and brawn, dark, smooth mahogany  skin, perfectly thick lips atop a chiseled face, with a pair of abysmal ly dark eyes that glared back at them. Long Kemetian locks hung proudly to the tip of his waist. Osiris, Egyptian ruler of the Underworld: first great Pharaoh of Egypt; and the only god to cheat death. To his followers, he was the definition of resurrection, and a force to be feared. Trenton,  not sure what else to do, found himself on his knees. The nothingness beneath him became solid. The instance  his knees buckled and collapsed onto what he once felt as nothingness, sent a shot of pain throughout the course of his body. He grimaced, but remained just as he was on his knees, ready and willing to beg for his life.

It was a damn shame that his life had come to this. He thought he had figured out the entire game. Everything he did in life was planned to the “t”; even his hooking up with Jewel also known as Isis. He thought he knew everything there was to know about the supernatural, and how to control it, but instead, he was the one being controlled. This was not how things were supposed to turn out. He was supposed to be the reigning king of hip hop; he was the one that was supposed to be a part of the New World Order. He knew what it was like to have power; not just financial, or political but REAL power and all of it has slipped through his fingertips-literally. Now he was forced to beg for his life-well whatever life he had left-like a coward. Everything that he worked hard for, everything that he wanted, dreamed about, and possessed was gone. Especially Isis. “You dare cower before me and even in the threat of impeding death you still demonstrate desire for my wife?” Osiris seethed, his eyes  burning with such an intensity that the cavernous dimension that he was now trapped in began to tremble.  “You are nothing more than an imposter! How dare you assume yourself worthy to wear MY ring, to userp authority in MY realms and to BED MY WIFE!!!” Osiris roared “I ask for your for-“ Trenton stuttered. “SILENCE!!!”  Durga had remained quiet throughout the entire display. She was not sure what Osiris had in store for her but she was prepared to fight if she needed to.  She had no problems with challenging Isis but Osiris was something else. He had access to powers and realms that she could only imagine which would not make him simply a formidable opponent; but a lethal enemy.  As she was assessing whether or not it would be conducive to her survival to fight Osiris in his own realm Osiris glanced over in her direction and gave her a wicked, toothy grin. “You know Durga, for the offenses that you have committed are of a grave nature,” he began. “But there is a way for you to redeem yourself…” Durga’s eyes narrowed  at his last statement. “How so?”, she began. “You are a demon of death,” Osiris began, still looming over the still prostrate and  aging Trenton.  “You are not a death demon but a demon of Death. I admire all of your strengths and abilities and had it not been for you, my story of godhood would have meant nothing to human masses. However, despite the fact that my spirit has not been able to manifest into the physical world; that I have had to remain in a ghastly apparition type of state,  the only thing that I have been able to do to maintain my sanity was watch. And I have watched you Durga. I have watched seen every gory, sick and twisted detail and your absolute lust for the stench of death. But, I have also watched you  threaten my wife and even,” Osiris looked down at Trenton and growled with disgust,” made a deal with this worthless bag of humanity to steal my powers and harness the energies of Atlantis to yourself while claiming the life of that precious little Destroyer that is chained in one of my chambers.” Durga swallowed thickly and felt her muscles tighten as she prepared to spring. “I could imprison you here forever, you know?” Osiris quipped. “And with you trapped in my realms unable to satisfy your thirst for death and decay, humans would live forever? Even as their physical bodies deteriorate with sickness, age, or fatal injuries… I mean you  are the curse that was unleased after the Fall of Man are you not? So with you out of the picture…” “Alright!” Durga shouted. “What will you have me do?” “First, you will leave that Destroyer to me-“ “You have GOT to be FUCKING kidding me right now!” Durga snapped. “I have been WAITING for-“ “-She is of more use alive than dead. You clearly are unaware of her genealogy,” Osiris mused. “You will understand in time. Second I need for you to retrieve my body. That bitch Naomi, a descendant of my lands is responsible for my imprisonment here. She hid my decapitated body in what is known as the 16 Sisters in Mesopotamia, better known as Lebanon. But before you leave, kill this foolish man. He has defiled my realms, my ring and my wife. Put him out of his misery.” Durga smiled wickedly and took her time approaching the beyond terrified Trenton who tried to scramble away from both entities who glared on with sadistic satisfaction, but to no avail. With the ring now removed from his finger, his body was becoming weaker and weaker. His joints now ached from what might have been arthritis, his breathing was becoming labored and vision dimming. His hair was falling out strand by strand, until his hair line was now at the center of his head. Just as Durga inched her way over to him, he looked down at his wrinkling hands and hoped that at the rate that he was aging, that his heart would give out before she even landed her infamous death bite. She smiled at him, baring her elongated fangs and he got his wish: with eyes wide with shock and agony, his heart stopped, sending a massive explosion of pain from the center of his chest that radiated throughout the course of his body. His body began to tremble and twitch involuntarily and as his spirit finally left his body his final thought was: ”At least she didn’t get the ring.”

Osiris watched Durga tear the lifeless human’s body apart with her teeth and her eyes lit with seemingly orgasmic relief as she chewed through flesh and bone. It was interesting to witness a creature of such a ravenous and violent nature to indulge in fleshly greed even though her choice of appetizers was absolutely disgusting…at least to him. “I need for you to hurry up with that. The shields will only remain dropped for so long and I can feel my wife’s incantations pulling me out of this realm. I need for you to move quickly. We only have until sunrise before the spells wear off and there is no more Potential blood to open the door. I need my body back!!” Durga stopped what she was doing and gently wiped Trenton’s blood from her gruesome mouth before answering. “Your wife was so hell bent on the major details of this long awaited day that she forgot to obtain your body? How dreadful.” “She must have thought that the r eunification process would do it automatically…” “Or maybe she was more concerned with her own desires for power-“ “GO GET MY BODY YOU INSOLENT CREATURE OTHERWISE I SHALL MAKE GOOD ON MY PROMISE AND TRAP YOU IN HERE FOR ETERNITY!!!” Osiris bellowed, his voice echoing for what seemed like a millennia. Durga was not one to take orders but being locked in the Osirian realms for an eternity was not an option. She quickly dematerialized out of the nothingness and on the hunt for the 16 Sisters.images39L7LYPD imagesLN75GRZX


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