You Dont Know How Much You Dont Know Until You Have to Write About it

black moonOk, so now that I am working on the sequel to Nubia Rising: The Awakening, one of my characters is King Arthur’s daughter. That is what popped in my head at the last minute as I was putting together the character descriptions prior to NR’s release. It sounded like a great idea to make the red headed Celtic warrior who happens to not only be a witch hunter; but whose name is Sage… Is that a little stereotypical or ironic? Or both? I’m going with both but you must forgive me for actually liking the name Sage. It just sounds so…mythical and mystical and…MAGICAL. Anyhow, she is the daughter of the Great King Arthur: a man who only brings to mind the Knights of the Round Table and Merlin. So I guess I should hit the books AGAIN. I need to know as much as I can about King Arthur and Merlin…oh yeah and Stonehenge. Is there a relation between the three? History Channel, and the American Heroes Channel it is. Barnes and Noble here I come. King Arthur and I are about to become very well acquainted.

Nubia Rising: Black Moon coming soon!


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