The Begining: The Annunaki and the Legend of the Destroyers


Part I

The Beginning-The Annunaki and the Legend of the Destroyers

“All shall be afraid, and the Watchers be terrified.” The Book of Enoch 1:5

Eons ago, when the earth was new, perhaps many a generation after the fall of Adam and Eve, a large group of Celestial beings; or simply putspirits of a higher realm” descended from the Heavens in hopes of living on the earth plane among humans. However, after Adam’s fall from Grace, humans became viciously carnal and cruel and it appeared to the newly arrived visitors (whom were later identified by the Babylonians as Annunaki) that they were abandoned by the Creator. In truth, the Creator did not abandon the human race; he was saddened by all that had transpired between them and the evil Serpent whom had taken control over the earth and leaving humans to his mercy. Disturbed and disheartened by the…

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