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Newbie writer and lover of science fiction/ fantasy books, Delizhia D. Jenkins has finally stepped into her shoes as an author. It has been greatly anticipated by friends and family alike just WHEN she would understand her talent as a writer and put something out there for the world to share. Finally, after almost three years of contemplation, research, and prayer Nubia Rising: The Awakening is available and may be purchased as an e-book or as a paperback through Amazon starting at just $2.99 (for the e-book) and $11.25 (as a paperback).

Noted for her colorful play on words, Delizhia went from daydreaming about the day when she could breathe life into her characters to that dream becoming a reality. “I never thought that I would see this day,” she writes on her Facebook page and WordPress account the moment she completed the design of her book cover. “I refuse to wait for someone to tell me I am good enough”, she writes in her blog detailing the frustration and heartache that comes with the territory of being a new writer. Delizhia D. Jenkins is not only creative and passionate about her craft, she is also fearlessly unflinching in her pursuit of a career in the literary world.

Nubia Rising: The Awakening is a science fiction/fantasy adventure that crosses millennium and fuses it into present time. It offers not only relatable and multicultural characters, but a story of pain, personal discovery, sisterhood, and forgiveness as Kitara and her fellow Destroyers embark on a journey across time to correct an unholy abomination from eons ago. Nubia Rising: The Awakening will not only touch your heart, but will leave you breathless and aching for more. It is a reminder that we are all destined for something great and regardless of what we go through, we can overcome it.

Delizhia D. Jenkins is a proud mother of a seven year old rock star and currently resides in Paramount, CA working on her next masterpiece. For more information and updates, giveaways and more all you have to do is LIKE her Facebook page “The D Code”, or you can follow her on WordPress at:

To place an order for the book, visit Amazon’s website at:

Or, if you are interested in general information please email her at:


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