About Nubia Rising…

The Destroyers are a group of specially and specifically designed, earth bound heaven warriors that are “called” to restore the world back to its natural balance of light and to prepare the way for the Second Coming of Christ. There are five of them and they fight according to the category or skill set that they possess. Kitara, the last living descendant of Atlantis, is a god slayer. She fights immortals that dare to challenge the throne of the Almighty, and she is the unspoken leader of the Destroyers. Isis, Egyptian goddess of magic, wife and sister of Egypt’s first Pharaoh and Lord of the Underworld (Osiris); she has one single mission: to resurrect her fallen love and to bring back the power and glory of godhood that she once had. After positioning herself as the reigning “queen” of the music industry and taking on the undisputed “King of Hip Hop” as her consort, Isis is one step closer to accomplishing her goal of becoming Queen of the gods. Her only obstacle is acquiring a Potential (a human with the potential of becoming a Destroyer due to special gifts that are hidden in their DNA). Reunited with her closest friends, and with the help of her very special “sword”, Kitara must realize her unlimited potential to finish what was started centuries ago.


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