Nubia Rising: The Awakening Available NOW

“I will help you if you help me…I need the key…” He released her and watched her as she stumbled forward gasping for breath. “What key?” He demanded. “You know me Osiris. I am a descendant of the Angel of Death and a former High Summoner Priestess. I need Oblivion, the sword is the Key to the Garden of Eden,” she coughed. “In the Garden of Eden  is a weapon, a weapon so powerful that the reason why it is called a weapon is because it can turn back time.” “How do you know this?” Osiris inquired. “Because I have seen it; I have touched  it…if I can access this weapon you can get your wife back.” “And what will you get from it?” Kalima stopped coughing long enough to smooth her hair out before answering. “I get my life back. Do we have a deal?” She extended her hand  for him to accept her bargain, and without thinking, he accepted. “Now, tell me more,” Osiris began, “ about how I can exact my revenge on those…Destroyers.”- Kalima and OsirisimagesF55ANN8N Isis and osiris


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