I Refuse to Wait for Someone to Tell me I am Good Enough

No more queries. No more submissions. No more early mornings and hopeful nights of waiting for an agent or a publisher to say, “Yes, I love your work!” No more. There is room for more than one at the top. You don’t have to follow trends when you know you can create them. You don’t believe in my dream, well fine. I do. And if you are not a believer now, you will be later. I could have easily given up; thrown in the towel…discarded my dreams into the dumpster of deserted goals and fleeting passions. But, that is how you know you are destined to do something. It is when you don’t give up. It is when, you find away over, around and through an obstacle. Maybe it is better to have the agents chasing you because you hold the ball. Now, you can say how it’s going to go. So, with that being said it’s your dream: believe in it. That is my motto. It is my dream and I believe in it. And you will too.

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