Nubia Rising: The Awakening Sample Chapter #5

Chapter 24

Standing next to the twenty something year old medical doctor, a former foreign exchange student from Germany made Lilith want to hit something. It took everything in her to not bite this man’s head clean off, but she forced herself to remain composed. For all of his intelligence, the bastard was as arrogant as they come and equally as stupid. He knew exactly who she was, for he was a descendant of the Astor family, a family whose existence had been based solely on the OFF; and whose founding father had met his untimely demise in the privacy of his Swiss Mansion. Lilith had killed him, and what a glorious death that was. And now, here she stood with his great-great-great-great grand- nephew? Just like his great uncle, he was foolish to think that she would allow him to sit at the highly coveted New World Order table. Yes, she was recruiting, but there was a certain standard of evil and deceit that she was looking for; and even though arrogance was attractive, it wasn’t enough. And as soon as she was done with him, he was going straight to an early grave.

They stood side by side next to one of the many hospital beds of a condemned New York asylum, where fifty of her “vampire” offspring laid unconscious and awaiting to be awakened. Due to his family’s influence, the young doctor had managed to keep city officials off of his back regarding his usage of an asylum that was no longer functional; and no one had dared to question what he needed all of the hospital equipment he had taken from several of the hospitals in the New York area in which he worked. The equipment mostly consisted of beds, monitors, IV bags, syringes, and things from the lab. The current “patient” that they were monitoring was a teenaged runaway: a tall strawberry blonde with green eyes and a sneaky grin. A wanna-be bad ass who at 15 who had run away from her drug addicted father and alcoholic mother of five. When Lilith found her, she had just finished dancing at an afterhours strip joint trying to earn a buck to feed herself when an overly intoxicated patron had snatched her as she was leaving and attempted to take what wasn’t rightfully his. The girl had put up a good fight, but it wasn’t enough to dissuade a six foot, two hundred pound drunken monkey whose idea of a good time included raping a minor. Lilith and Anastasia had been inside the club, surveying the scene and enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of lust, greed and other vices when Lilith had heard the girl’s cries. Lilith left Anastasia alone while she came out to investigate and at first looked on with excitement as the girl kicked and screamed and even bit the man. She even chuckled as he howled in pain, but something struck a chord in her as she watched the man’s anger intensify and as he proceeded to beat the girl until she was barely able to speak. And when the moment of truth came, when his pants were unzipped and the reason for this violent offense had slammed hard into its goal, Lilith decided enough was enough. She couldn’t wait to torment his soul for the rest of eternity. And one thing the mythology stories were right about was the fact that Lilith was a vengeful spirit, and she would see to it that this young girl would have her revenge. She emerged from the shadows and grabbed the man by the back of his neck and like a bag of trash she flung him into a nearby dumpster. She made sure to not throw him so hard that he would have died in the process but she made sure that he was hurt-bad. Lilith summoned Anastasia to come outside and once she did and saw the bloodied and beaten girl Anastasia cried out. Kneeling beside her and gently raising her head, Lilith examined the child and made the decision on just how the girl could get her revenge. “Do you want to exact revenge on the bastard who did this to you?” she said to the barely conscious girl, who mumbled something unintelligible. Lilith took that as a yes. “I can give you the power to become all that you want to be. You will no longer have to fear becoming the prey when you will become the predator. You will no longer have to fear being viewed as one of the weak, for you will be strong. No one will hurt you ever again. And when you are healed, I will personally bring you to this very spot where you will have the opportunity to kill the man with your own two hands who did this to you. Do you want my help?” The girl had not been able to fully answer because she passed out from the pain. Lilith glanced at Anastasia who was taken aback by Lilith’s rare display of mercy. “Why so shocked Anna?” Lilith mused. “I can be merciful…besides she would be perfect. This is a perfect recipe of disaster to make a perfect vampire. Revenge will give her purpose. And, she will have me to thank.” “So what shall we do with her?” Anastasia asked. “Hmmm,” Lilith began. “Well, her injuries are extensive and if I attempt to do a hell travel transport with her, her blood will make it very difficult if not impossible to make it through. Go get the car. We can’t take her to a human hospital because they will involve outside authorities and I am not in the mood to commit a serious massacre. I have other shit to do. I can heal her myself and then, well we shall have the first of my vampire army in hundreds of years…”  A few moments later, Lilith heard a loud screeching noise as Anastasia pulled up to the curb, in an all black 2013 Mercedes Benz, and got out the car to open the side passenger door for the girl to go inside. Lilith lifted the girl with ease, and carried to her the car, in which she gently laid her against the cool leather seating and slammed the door.

And now, many months later, Lilith stared down at one of the many social outcasts she had turned into the living dead, boiling with silent rage that she couldn’t awaken them to wreak havoc on the human populations; nor implement her own strategic planning in preparation for the final battle against heaven. No, she had to put everything on pause until this whole Isis and the gods situation was taken care of. The entire company of hell was in an uproar, especially her “business partner”. He was growing impatient. His anti-Christ was ready to be put in place. He had spirits of all levels of hell influencing the humans; placing jealousy, larceny, hatred, lies in the hearts of man. From the very pits of Tartarus he spewed forth every disease imaginable, even creating new strains to affect generations of mankind; famine was beginning to run rampant, not only in the cursed dark continent of Africa but in other parts of the world too. He instructed some of the Fallen to go out into the world and implant lies that would appear to date back as far as the ancient Jerusalem days regarding the Messiah as was recently found in what is known as a missing book from the Bible, the Gospel of Judas. The unnamed one had been working tirelessly throughout the ages for since the First War in Heaven, when he and a hundreds of thousands of others were cast out; and now that the day was quickly approaching, the last thing any of them needed was a bunch of power hungry gods and goddesses challenging them, the Lords of Darkness for their positions. And if Isis and that mongrel of a husband of hers was successful in harnessing that Atlantean energy, well Lilith would be groveling at her feet again. Speaking of Atlantis, she still didn’t know much about it, which was why her babies would have to stay “asleep” until it was time. The Fallen were busy searching for the last remaining gods and exterminating them, hoping to appease the Beast. And what a beast that bastard was.

The dank darkness of the condemned asylum was a perfect hiding place for evil. The vibrations of the last group of tormented humans who, by medical standards had been declared “unfit” for society still permeated the air. She could still feel the ice cold tremors that fear provided; she could hear the echoes of screaming patients forced to endure lobotomies and other forms of torture in the name of medicine. Some of her favorite demons still patrolled the halls, existing in their true forms which was disfigured, and grotesque shapes. There were no windows in this particular section of the institution, which added to her favor. Now that these humans were fully turned vampires, even in their unconscious states, sunlight would incinerate them immediately. The doctor, ran his fingers through his sandy brown hair, while studying the clipboard in the other. Like his great-uncle, he was tall, standing well over six feet, with broad shoulders, and because he was a proud gym rat, his constant work outs left him with a well muscled and fit body; and if Lilith hadn’t been so busy with her own evil plans she might have taken him on as a lover. But then again, maybe not. That would have shot his ego into another world, and then she would have had to kill him prematurely. “Well everything looks good,” he said, still staring at the clipboard. “Their heart rates are much faster than a normal humans, and-“”And the transformation cannot be complete until they have had blood.” Lilith interrupted coolly. “Well, I can order a large shipment of blood packets,” the doctor replied and for the first time since they set foot into this place taking his eyes away from the clipboard and onto Lilith. As usual, Lilith was dressed to the “T” in an expensive black pants suit and matching Fendi heels. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a bun and of course her make-up as always, was perfect. Even though make-up wasn’t something she needed. He was impressed and could only hope that she was impressed with him and would save him a seat at that coveted table of hers. “They don’t need blood packets Alexander,” she said, examining her long red painted nails. “They need blood from an actual source. A living, breathing source. When the time comes, I need for you bring me at least a hundred warm bodies to feed my children.” Alexander stared at her in shock. His eyes widened in fear and disbelief at her demand. “A hundred victims? How the hell do you suppose I accomplish that?” “I don’t know,” Lilith said without an ounce of concern. “Figure it out. You are the doctor. Tell some of your patients that they have cancer and send them here for “treatment”.” Lilith laughed. “But-“”No buts, you want a seat at my table then prove it. Be grateful that I am at least giving you some time to figure it out and get it together. But I do need at least a hundred humans. I will call you when I am ready for the delivery.” And with that she turned on her heels and headed straight down corridor to the side exit. “Don’t forget to lock up!” she shouted behind her, leaving a very well respected doctor alone with 50 sleeping vampires.

Anastasia was waiting outside on the steps of the three story building that was once an asylum when Lilith emerged appearing to be pleased with the state of her affairs. “Now what my queen?” Anastasia greeted her, when Lilith had finally approached her. The sun was high up in the sky, even though the temperature was freezing. There was a soft blanket of snow left over from the other night, of course neither Anastasia nor Lilith were affected by it. “Well, cold weather does bore me,” Lilith began, winking at Anastasia who was dressed in her favorite 19th century garb: peasant dress topped with a ragged petite coat and knee high boots. “You did do as I asked?” Lilith continued. “Yes milady, I did. The other nests are as they should be. Just awaiting your command.” Anastasia answered quickly. “Good. And have you managed to put a tracer on Trenton? I have not heard from that little scoundrel in days…not since he decided to rescue his matron of worship…” “No, I have not. But I theorize that he may be hiding in one of the many Osirin realms.” Anastasia concluded. “Hmph, I never thought about that. Well, where we are about to embark on, we shall have front row V.I.P. passes to a long awaited showdown that even I have been looking forward to for eons. And to think, I thought I was going to be the one to give Isis what she has long deserved, but hey, clearly I cannot have everything.” Lilith snapped her fingers and a large yawning opened up right in the middle of the sidewalk. Hellfire, and sulfuric ash spewed forth, followed by a consuming darkness filled with screams of pain and terror. Anastasia gave Lilith a look of unease causing Lilith to smirk. “Get over yourself Anastasia. This is much faster. But before we go on I am commanding you as my most favored servant to not attack or thwart the efforts of ANY of the Destroyers while we are on this little rendezvous. Especially Sage. We might even have to, how shall I put this, AID them to ensure that Isis’ demise is successful. Now is not the time for revenge. Got it?” Anastasia’s eyes flickered with a hint of pure fury and betrayal, but she was not foolish enough to say one word. Lilith stared at the witch, noting the slight flash of fury that rolled through to her core. “You know, it is very easy to lose my favor,” Lilith threatened. “And very difficult, if not impossible to win it back.” Lilith leaned in closer until she was literally a breath away from Anastasia’s piercing blue stare. “Don’t lose my favor Anastasia. You will have your moment of revenge.”  Anastasia lowered her head before responding her usual ”Yes, milady”. Lilith smiled. “Good. Now how about I buy you a couple of bikini’s to wear on the sandy beaches of the Bermuda? I hear it is hot this time of year and I am tired of seeing you dressed like a frumpy old woman when you are one of the last great beauties to ever exist in the last 300 years. Shall we?” Lilith stepped aside to allow Anastasia to enter the Hell portal first, who this time didn’t hesitate. Lilith quickly joined her, sealing the portal up behind them. There was only a few hours left until the full moon, and hopefully if everything goes well, Lilith hoped that this would be the last full moon Isis ever laid her eyes upon.


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