Nubia Rising: The Awakening Sample Chapter #3- Introducing…Oblivion

Sitting on high in the second ring of Heaven, she sat and watched the very first Destroyer smile for the first time in ages as she met with the wise queen. And so everything was coming to pass…everything except for her purpose, whatever it may be. To be the only female angel out of a countless number of males wasn’t easy. She was treated as if she was a rare and sacred scroll; however, there was nothing about her that she deemed worthy enough for all of this care and concern. She wasn’t a warrior like Michael or a messenger like Gabriel, or a healer like Raphael. She wasn’t wise like Raziel and she definitely wasn’t blasphemous like the unnamed one. During the First War in Heaven, Michael secreted her away in the third ring and told her to stay there until those who did not belong were casted out. She was not allowed to enter the earth plane for no reason whatsoever; not even to help the poor helpless humans who called out to the heavens every second of every minute.

She had had many talks with Gabriel about her existence and how her lack of purpose made her feel useless; and the sequestering didn’t make it any easier. Gabriel was always patient with her and understood her plight, and he would remind her that just because her purpose had not been revealed to her did not mean she was without one. She wished that she was brave like Michael and thought that maybe if she were, she could go into the earth plane and prove her worth, but the thought of battle frightened her. The only thing her Father told her was that it was not time yet and to just keep watch over the humans and when the time came, He would let her know. Oblivion was her name, and Raziel, during one of his rare appearances told her she was one of the universe’s best kept secrets whatever that meant. He refused to elaborate and simply went on about his business in the higher rings of Heaven. Michael would just smile warmly at her before pointing something out in the earth realm that she should pay attention to and then disappearing.

So much had occurred since the Creation of Man and the Fall of Man and now that a destroyer was finally on the planet, Oblivion was excited to watch how this young woman’s life would play out. Those demon-gods were surely in for it, and the unnamed one and his minions would be busy trying to come up with a counter attack. Mankind had already been plagued with physical diseases and illnesses, and a variety of spiritual attacks but with the gods ability to attack humans both physically and spiritually in a tangible way brought tears to her silver irises. Supernatural abominations were beginning to manifest into existence and wicked humans were tapping into spiritual realms that only the most brave and strong warrior angels could venture into. Everything was out of balance, but somehow that was a part of the Divine Plan.

She stood to her full ten foot height and stretched out her silver magnificent wings. She thought about her fallen brothers, not those who are now in league with the unnamed one but those that have taken refuge beneath the waters to avoid the final transformation from a  heavenly being into a demon of darkness. She could feel the pain that they endured and hoped that their Father would forgive them. Unfortunately, all heavenly beings knew that once one fell from Grace there was no coming back. Ever. But, those that have decided to remain steadfast despite knowing the ramifications of their actions still held on to something that angels such as Gabriel and Raphael worked hard to restore on the earth plane: hope.

As Oblivion stood there in the ethereal planes, completely lost in her thoughts, one of the Seraphim, the most highly ranked of their kind approached her. Their light, being that they serviced the Most High directly was so bright that whenever they made appearances, they displayed themselves as nothing more than a glowing orb, because even another angel could not tolerate their normal presence. The Seraphim glimmered down to where she was faced to face with it; and in its voice which sounded like a thousand voices at once spoke to her with growing excitement. “It is almost time for your destiny to be fulfilled dearest one,” it said to her, its voice ominous with the sound of many. “You have been kept save here in the Heavens, barred from the earth realm with good reason. The Most High says that it is time for you to know the truth of who you are…”the Seraphim continued. “And what may that be?” Oblivion asked, confused and extremely intrigued and excited. In all of her milenia of existence, she was finally being called to action; to be of service, to be something more than just…her. “You are very special my dear and the Most High kept you heavily guarded for knowledge that had your existence been discovered before its time, the balance of Light would have been tipped to favor that of the darkness.” “But Seraphim,” Oblivion began, her silver eyes filling with silver tears. “How am I special? I am not brave like Michael, nor do I have special healing abilities like Raphael, and-“ “Ssssshhhhh, dear one you must not speak that way, especially given who you are. Everyone’s role is important and highly valued by The Most High; but He has made you in a way like no other. You are what your name says you are: Oblivion.” “And what does that mean?” The Seraphim at first said nothing. It appeared to be frustrated with her lack of understanding and self doubt. “You, along with the Destroyers are the Unnamed One’s worst nightmare. Inside you lies the power to destroy the immortal. Just as the sun rises to face the shadows in the east, Michael will escort you through Orion’s belt. There you will collect star that shines the brightest and cast yourself into it. Michael, then will from that star make the greatest sword known to the histories of creation and will then hand you, as the sword to the Destroyer, and you and she will do great things.” The Seraphim was so excited about her fate and its role in delivering the message that it was beginning to burn so brightly, Oblivion had to cover her face. “So I will become a sword…”she said flatly. “Ah yes,” the Seraphim continued to burn. “A living sword. You are a weapon. Your very design is to destroy darkness. No harm will come to you, but you my dear will smite all that come against the Destroyer.” “And what would happen should I fall into the wrong hands?” Oblivion asked softly. “Do not fret. The entire company of Heaven would come for you if that were to happen, but that will not come to pass. When not in the Destroyer’s possession you will remain invisible to the human world. Darkness will always be able to sense your presence because of the unnamed one’s genealogy, however, you cannot be destroyed. When on earth you will not be able to reveal your true self; only the Destroyer will know just what you are. You will be able to communicate with her and when she needs you, she will summon you. However, I must warn you Oblivion, while in the earth plane, you will be able to sense your fallen brethren-those that reside in the lost pyramid of Atlantis and by Heavenly Edict you are NOT to communicate with them whatsoever. Their verdict is still in question. Are we clear?” Oblivion nodded her head and with that the jovial Seraphim was gone.

Oblivion stood there, too many emotions she wasn’t used to flowed through her ethereal body like electricity. She was excited, frightened, confused, sad, and a number of other things, all at once. Time moved differently in Heaven than it did on earth; so she wasn’t sure exactly when Michael was coming for her, so she unfolded her silver feathered wings with a wingspan of 10 feet and stretched them out. Perhaps she and the Destroyer could be good friends…Friends. That was something she had always wanted to experience. Michael, Gabriel, Zedkiel…they were not her friends, though she loved them dearly. They were her brothers and her protectors. Maybe she and the Destroyer could talk about things, other than Heavenly affairs; things like their favorite colors and sounds and what they liked most about the earth. Maybe she could teach her things about the earth and what it’s like to be what she is…or maybe she could just be that friend that gives good advice. Oblivion smiled at the thought. She couldn’t wait for her favorite Archangel to return. She was finally needed.


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