Sometimes it’s all in Your Head

I gotta get out of my head. That self doubt, that little voice that tells me “no, they won’t like that” or “no, you gotta change that” has kept me locked in this prison of the unaccomplished… I am a writer. I felt its pull in my elementary school years- 5th grade to be exact when we were asked to write a short play and then act it out in front of the class. The only thing I remember is the scene wherein I wrote “well, you stole my boyfriend with your sexy perfume!” And, once my partner/BFF Priscilla acted it out the class (including my teacher/arch nemesis Ms. Steeg ) roared with laughter. So, for me to finally step into the arena and put more focus on my dream, it is a tad overwhelming to see that I am not the only one with a story…with this same desire to see my work come together in printed form and reach the hearts and minds of many…to give a little of that part of oneself that has remained hidden from everyone other than God. I know, I am rambling. But sometimes it’s all in my head.


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