Nubia Rising: The Awakening Synopsis


Nubia Rising begins with the introduction to the legend of the Destroyers. Many eons after the First War in Heaven when Lucifer and a third of the heavenly company were cast out from the presence of God, the Annunaki, or Fallen Ones (as known by the ancient Babylonians) came down from the Heavens, bringing down with them a power that was to remain only in the hands of the Almighty and violated the Heavenly Edict; an action that cost them severely. They built the city of Atlantis using this power, created immortals (gods) and taught humans wicked ways and as a result a great flood came and washed everything away, including that great city of Atlantis and they were banned from returning to the Heavens. Some were captured and imprisoned in the Euphrates Rivers as stated in the Christian Bible until further judgment. Others flocked to Lucifer for protection, leaving only six who opted to not side with Lucifer and become a part of the damned. Instead, they held out hope that they may be offered some sort of redemption and so they took refuge in the deep waters of the Atlantic where the last surviving pyramid of Atlantis remained.

The story’s heroine, Kitara, a head strong, independent young woman born between 1450 and 1500 B.C.; during a time when gods ruled the lands; and the human populations had to be careful in the choosing the god or gods that they worshipped. Since birth, Kitara’s long time ailing mother Aisha had known that her daughter was special, which is why she chose to live as a nomad to protect her daughter from being recognized for who she was meant to be. However, it was not long after Kitara received bits and pieces to answers that she was looking for, when the Egyptian goddess Isis confronted Aisha regarding Kitara’s insolence; and rather than heal the woman, whom had been nothing short of a loyal worshipper, Isis killed both Aisha and Kitara’s 12 year old brother. Angry, confused and heartbroken, Kitara vowed to come for Isis and every Egyptian god thereafter, and it was soon after, that someone else had been watching and more than ready to provide her the opportunity to have her revenge.

The storyline transitions from present day to past memories that Kitara reflects on as she struggles with the losses of everyone she had ever loved. Her most stable companion is her sword, and is frequently referred to as the Sword of Oblivion. Oblivion is actually an angel; the first and only female angel ever created and the Light’s secret weapon against the darkness. Oblivion is the only one who can permanently obliterate an immortal or a god; and she was given to Kitara because Kitara’s abilities renders her the most powerful of the Destroyers. Between the two of them, they are a lethal force to be reckoned with.

Next, there is Jose: a young, ordinary man with a not so ordinary life. His mother had committed suicide when he was just 13 years old and prior to that, she been battling severe mental illness after his birth. His father and the rest of the family had done nothing but sweep it under the rug, leaving him to come to terms with her loss on his own. Not long after her death, he began to experience some of what his mother had gone through with severe bouts of depression and even hallucinations. He had been given prescriptions for the depression and had at one point in his life been referred to a therapist which proved to be less than helpful. So now at the tender age of twenty he felt like his life was meaningless. He was fired from his job, his girlfriend broke up with him and there was an incessant female voice in his head seducing him to end his life at the Golden Gate Bridge. Fed up with everything he makes the drive, only for his attempt to be thwarted by none of Kitara who had sensed the presence of the goddess of suicide Ixtab and proceeded to terminate the ancient Mayan deity. After a brief introduction and an even quicker goodbye, Kitara heads off in an unknown direction, leaving Jose alone with his thoughts.

The other Destroyers are quickly introduced. There is the hothead Naomi, the Vampire Hunter who is now technically out of work because vampires have now become extinct. Sage, the Witch hunter, a vibrant woman of Celtic origins and born during the time of Merlin. Syrene: the Demon Hunter and the one Destroyer whose origins as well as intentions are constantly placed into question. And, then there is Celeste, a Destroyer born at the very end of Mayan prosperity. All four Destroyers had been on a quest to locate Kitara for five hundred years after the tragic loss of Incan children who were sacrificed to one of the many blood thirsty gods. It was not until here in the present day that they were able to reunite with their beloved god slayer; and they finally learn that Jose was the key to Isis’ plans and that the supernatural community is severely divided.

Isis had awakened from her tomb thirty years before Kitara was found and in those thirty years she managed to fool mankind by posing as a singer by the name of Jewel and launching herself into superstardom. Her consort was a rapper who called himself Young Ra, whose own ambitions would lead him into serious trouble. Lilith, Adam’s first wife and now the mother of all demons had been posing as Isis’ maidservant while working on her own schemes. It was not until after an almost lethal confrontation between the two entities that Isis realized that Lilith was her enemy and proceeded to accelerate her plans of raising Osiris and harnessing the energies of Atlantis to gain full control over the supernatural and human communities. Isis and Osiris were the only gods who were aware of the existence of the last Atlantean pyramid, but she needed assistance from the full company of the gods to complete her plans. After quite a bit of deception she leads just about every single remaining god left that had not been beheaded by Oblivion into an all-out assault on Kitara and her team, bringing to light the age old battle between good and evil that usually played out behind the scenes of humanity.

As the story concludes, Isis ends up capturing Jose and fulfilling her purpose of raising Osiris whose spirit had been trapped in his own Osirian realms; Syrene had been captured and trapped by Young Ra using Osiris’ ring in an attempt to work out a deal with a death demon; and so it then becomes up to Kitara, Sage and Naomi to save Jose and the rest of humanity from Armageddon’s premature arrival through the reintroduction of Osiris’s return.

At the end, Kitara kills Isis, and Osiris is back but only to return to not being able to be at his wife’s side and thirsting for revenge. Jose is given a new life; not as a Destroyer but simply a young man with a new lease on life. Syrene is still trapped in the Osirian realms and there is a new enemy that has not been on the scene for centuries: Kalima, the Fallen Destroyer. The Destroyers must figure out a way to defeat Osiris while at the same time deal with one who was once one of their own as well as come to terms with their own individual issues which will all be discussed in book two.

* This is the actual synopsis for my second completed manuscript that I am currently shopping around to agencies and publishers. There is no where else to go but up from here. I just wish that the publishing community would embrace the “There is something for everyone” concept instead of constantly searching for the next Twilight, Hunger Games and Harry Potter stories.*


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