What I Should be Doing

All I want to do is write; to share my imaginations with the world; to give humanity an inside scoop on what REALLY goes on in my head, but here I sit with a slight headache, my significant other talking-no yelling-into his phone (which is normal for him) and my television on A Different World. I should be working on my third manuscript for another science fiction/fantasy called The Family Curse. I should be searching for agents to submit my Nubia Rising manuscript to. I should be researching independent publishers and learning more about the publishing market and what I could do to get myself out there. I should also be focused on my job search. I am a step away from the unemployment line being that I work part time for a well known retail store (mind you I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, but that is the topic of a different blog) and I simply need to move on. But no. I am curled up on the couch counting the minutes until I have to pick my 7 year old up from her after school program. I should take a nap.


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